The Personal Supply Chain

Last weekend my wife asked me to clean the shower head. We have very hard water and it gets filled with sediment. Pretty simple job that I've done many times. But this time it was different. Why? I had just watched This Old House and developed such a level of confidence that this was going to be a simple job. I realished it.

Out with the pliers, and within 20 seconds I had snapped the shower head extension pipe clear off.....with the remnants still stuck in the pipe recessed into the wall. No mater what I tried I couldn't get the piece of pipe out.

I called my plumber on a Sunday (on his cell) and had a call back within the hour. He agreed to come to the house on Tuesday between 8 and 8:30 AM...and he thanked me for calling him! On a Sunday!

Tuesday comes and he is 10 minutes early! He fixed the shower and also a list of other things I wanted him to do as long as he was here. $463.00 later, he was gone...once again thanking me for my business.

He does good work, is priced reasonably, is in high demand but appreciates his "regular"customers, and is pleasant to speak with. A volunteer fireman in town and a Sopranos fan. I almost enjoyed writing the check. Almost.

Suppliers can learn a lesson from simple customer service and customer appreciation, but I've learned to keep my pliers in the toolbox.



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